Third party Sitemap too large?

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I'm receiving this error in Googles search console under sitemaps:

Your Sitemap exceeds the maximum file size limit. Please create multiple Sitemaps containing fewer URLs to meet the file size limit.

Unfortunately it has regenerated again since and the size of the file it refered to is now only 200KB, I have no idea what it was previously but it is the last file of the set if that helps.

The maximum file size allowed is 50MB according to the help pages and even if you combine all my files into one it will only total about 4MB so I'm at a loss as to what happened.


Chris D

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If this has now resolved itself, and indeed the files were below the limit of 50MB (which is something we explicitly control, as well as the maximum number of entries, 50,000), then I'm thinking it could have been a temporary issue on Google's end. Certainly I can't reproduce the issue on the sitemaps I have access to (though they are quite a bit smaller). Keep an eye on it, and if it happens again, let us know ASAP.