Not a bug Site broken after options/list/debug

Hi, just to report that my site was brokem after try to use:
compressed files from js/xenforo/min/


After that, was not possible to text and layout was messy

Later i've cheked that i not have /min folder and files
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Chris D

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This isn't a bug.
These options are intended to be directly manipulated solely by the XenForo developers.
You should activate the option: "Use compressed files from js/xenforo/" because that's where the compressed files are. They are not stored in js/xenforo/min/ and unless you're a XenForo developer, or you know what you're doing, you really shouldn't be changing anything here.

I'm not sure of the exact use case of that option, but I'm certain it has some relevance in terms of developing the core software, or it is a legacy setting.


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Those options are hidden on a default installation and only shown when in debug mode. They aren't designed to be changed by end users without absolutely knowing what they are doing and usually only for development purposes.

If you see them, you are running your site in debug mode, which I can only suggest that you don't. Debug mode isn't meant to be used in a production environment.

Chris D

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Actually, only two of those options actually do what the text describes.

Use compressed files from js/xenforo/
This is the default option and does correctly serve the minified files from the js/xenforo/ directory.

Use uncompressed files from js/xenforo/full/
This option does work and does serve the full un-minified files from the js/xenforo/full/ directory.

Use uncompressed files from js/xenforo/
All this does is actually serve the minified JS files. Not the full files as described.

Use compressed files from js/xenforo/min/
As you have discovered, this option doesn't work because the files are not present.

If you need to use the bottom two options (which you shouldn't) then you would need to copy the correct files manually.


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For reference, "use" in those options refers to the file setup you have, not the setup you want to have.

And as noted, if you change any option in the debug settings, you need to understand the requirements.