XF 1.2 Site attacked by spammer


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ACP --> Spam Management

Set Spam Cleaner User Criteria: Maximum message count: to be larger than the number of posts they have, and run them through the Spam Cleaner?


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Did he register within 30 days? Has he received more than 5 likes? If not, all you have to do is adjust the post count to be above what he has. Then you can run the spam cleaner on him.


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@oman Funny I got this because of the spammer

Dear Website Administrator:

VIVUS, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that develops innovative therapies in the field of sexual health and is the owner of the famous trademark STENDRA™. As you are no doubt are aware, this trademark is used to identify, advertise and promote VIVUS, Inc.’s products and activities and is protected around the world under U.S. and international trademark law.

It has come to our attention that the famous STENDRA™ trademark is being used as a meta tag, keyword, or other visible or concealed text in connection with your website located at sdsoccertalk.com. This unauthorized use of VIVUS, Inc.’s intellectual property falsely suggests VIVUS, Inc.’s sponsorship or endorsement of your website. This practice infringes on VIVUS, Inc.’s exclusive intellectual property rights.

While we believe that the infringing content may have been placed on your site by an unauthorized 3rd party without your prior knowledge, VIVUS, Inc. must nevertheless ask that you immediately remove all VIVUS, Inc. trademarks from meta tags, keywords, and other visible or concealed text that are connected to your website located at:

We appreciate your prompt compliance with this request.


Sandra Wells
Senior Director Legal Affairs