Single Sign On (Connect XF with XF, WordPress, etc)


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It would be really awesome if we would be able to connect multiple XF installs. Or a XF install with Wordpress, Magento, MediaWiki, etc.
Members would be able to use multiple sites and scripts with the same login or while they keep being logged in.

XF 2.1 has a REST API. Please extend this to OAuth (Open Authentication)

Remarks from the REST API suggestion thread:
- Remote user authentication by calling direct to the authentication system without having to reload or redirect people

There is still no outside script that can say "Log this user into XenForo". All the APIs I've seen require you to pass the login/email and password. Well, what if I don't have/store their password? Or what if I don't want to store the user's password in XenForo's database? What if I don't want to send that information across a domain? I should be able to have an outside script just TELL XenForo "user with e-mail address X should now be considered logged in!"

If you want to read just how painful it currently is to integrate XenForo with a third-party script that will be handling all the authentication, read here:
I can only imagine the explosion of apps and third-party integrations that would be released...

It would be so cool to see what gets built. And OAuth authentication... ah, the possibilities!
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I did a search for single registration for multiple forums. This thread didnt come up in any search results

It would be a valuable & great feature.


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This is now the fourth most popular suggestion. If you factor in that the suggestion is new posted after the last release (2.1), then its by far the most popular suggestion.

I posted this suggestion because the original top voted suggestion for an API, did not implement SSO nor members synch.
If this suggestion for SSO/oauth gets implemented, then I do hope that a synch of member base is also included. And that it will be implemented in a way that there will be no need for a third suggestion for member synch between installs. What I would like to see is to be able to connect multiple sites so that the same member base can have a profile on all sites, and a user change on one site will affect the other sites. For example: if a user purchases an account upgrade on one site, then the account on the other site(s) would also receive the upgrade.
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Longtime member here. I really need this feature too. Wordpress is universal. My #1 request right now.
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Where is the page to cast a vote for this?

Like the OP,