Simplify moving posts to existing thread


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When moving posts to an existing thread, the porcess currently works like this
  1. Select the posts that need to be moved
  2. Somehow get the URL of the target thread
  3. Open the dialog and type or paste the URL of the target

This is tedious and often requires copying the URL of the target thread which does not feel very App-like and might not even be possible (for example in a standalone PWA).
Especially if one encounters posts that need to be moved just in time (eg. the target URL is not yet available at step one) it seems a bit awkward to navigate to the target thread, copy the URL, open the dialog, select existing thread and paste the URL again.

To make this process a bit easier I suggest to add a third target option: This Thread.
If this option is used, selected posts would be moved to the thread where the dialog was invoked from so the process could instead be
  1. Select the posts that need to be moved
  2. Navigate to the target thread
  3. Bring up the dialog and select This Thread as target
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Or as an additional option:
Have on the dialog a search field for threads where it searches all thread titles on-the-fly by typing like it does when @-tagging users. Then it shows search results and select destination thread.


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@Kirby kind of same username, kind of same needs for xenforo (not only in this thread I stumble over your posts) :D i remember when I changed my username to Kerby yours "Kirby" was already in use so I decided for Kerby :) (Grüsse aus dem südlichen Schoggiland)