Simplify management of translations for Add-ons


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As it is now, dealing with multiple translations is rather cumbersome for developers and users:

In order to release an Add-on that supports English (Master) and the two german variants "Deutsch (Sie)" and "Deutsch (Du)" I have to export both translations, put them into _no_upload and build the release.

A user that has both translations installed would have to install the Add-on and afterwards install the two translations one by one which involves selecting the target language each time.

I think this could be simplified by introducing an optional unique language key/identifier:
If such a key (which would be similar to an Add-on ID) is specified in the definition of a language, the system should create appropriate files in _data when phrases are being translated and import them upon install/upgrade.
This way the developer does not have to do extra work to offer bundled translations apart from actually translating phrases.
It would also benefit users as they would not have to do additional steps to import bundled translations - just upload all files and go through a normal install/upgrade process.
Last but not least it would even make it easier for users to import translations offered separately from the Add-on itelf by not having to select the target language - the form should simply default to "Auto-Detect".

I know that XF 2 is already feature-locked and I am sorry that I didn't notice that earlier, but i think this is smth. that would make things significantly easier and it would be awesome to see smth, along those ideas in XF 2.0.