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Sidebar Positions

Sidebar Positions 2.9

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AndyB submitted a new resource:

Sidebar Positions - Provides an easy way to control the position of each add-on that is displayed in the sidebar.


Provides an easy way to control the position of each add-on that is displayed in the sidebar.

The Sidebar Positions add-on is required for any of the following supported add-ons:

Most Likes
Recent Posts
New Posts
Today's Birthdays

(Example of Options page)

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  1. Download sidebarpositions_v1.0.zip and unzip it.
  2. Upload the Andy folder to your server. The correct...
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AndyB updated Sidebar Positions with a new update entry:

See description.

Sidebar Positions v1.6 changes:

Previous versions of this add-on required the following add-ons to be installed:

Members Online Now
New Profile Posts
Share This Page
Staff Online Now

If you have a previous version of this add-on, once you install this version you will want to remove these no longer needed add-ons.
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Would be nice if you made a sidebar location addon. I would like to see the sidebar options just above the bottom breadcrumbs bar....Instead of the right location now....



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Hello Andy, in my forum to save some screen real estate, I'm using the [bd] widget addon so that the blocks are tabbed like this

01-01-2015 16-25-05.jpg

Since I'd like to use this and other addons from you to achieve the same functions, I'm asking if this tabbing is possible with your addon.



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I coudn't find a way to disable "Staff Online Now".
By default the positions set to zero should disable the sidebar blocks. Just, when we set a position, a different numer than zero, then the sidebars should be enabled.
Maybe in future something like this would be great.


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I can't make it work (i'm using XenForo 1.4.4). I'v installed it and i followed every step, but the add-on don't appear in the right side of the page:

Admin Option set: