XF 1.2 Showing up as subdomain and subfolder


I originally installed xenforo as a sub-folder mydomain.com/community, but wanted it in a sub-domain community.mydomain.com

So, i deleted it and installed it again. now it shows up as both.



what did i do wrong? is there something else i should have deleted? i used hostgator cpanel sub-domain. I have a level 3 vps. any ideas on what has happened and what to do to have it only as:



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If you have deleted the directory then there is nothing more to do - the files no longer physically exist in that location.
I have deleted and reinstalled and deleted - it IS still showing up under both urls. I created the sub-domain in c-panel, i used filezilla this time and it still shows both! Obviously i am doing something wrong. please, take a look:



Does this mean i have the software installed twice? I know that's a no-no - so, someone please tell me what i'm doing wrong as i do not want to violate the xenforo license.


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Many servers will create subdomain.example.com as a sub-folder of the domain. I can only assume this is what is happening.

You should be able to add a redirect from community/ to community. via .htacess:
RewriteRule ^/community/(.*)$ http://community.familyfriendlylives.com/$1 [R=301,L]