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Addon as subdomain


Formerly allewreK

My whole forum is using classic URLs, as an example, my resource manager is at board.com/resources.

But I would like, for some specifics add-on (we will call it videos as an example), to make this addon available at videos.board.com only. And there would be a redirection from board.com/videos to videos.board.com.

I saw something like this at DigitalPoints, example : https://tools.digitalpoint.com/.

Best regards.


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I tried to do the same right now, but had no luck.

Reading what digitalpoint said:

The way I did it is so complicated and absurd, it's not even worth trying to replicate. It will probably break on an update anyway...
Having XenForo routes for specific sub-domains is probably one of the hackiest things I've ever done... it didn't require any file edits, but well... let's just say I don't really expect it to work on any XF update unfortunately.

It does require "exploiting" the way Zend Framework works and some hacky things *it* does with certain web servers (namely IIS). I'm not using IIS, I'm just taking advantage of some stuff Zend does for IIS servers.

And I'm not a PHP expert anyway. :D


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Curious what advantages there are to having the URL as videos.board.com as opposed the the default board.com/videos.


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Personal preference, but for the majority of resources, it won't give any structural differences. Digital Point has several sub-sections to a lot of his sections, so placing them in a separate "site" (ie, tools.digitalpoint.com) allows a structural methodology shift.