XF 2.2 All users IP address showing up as server ip addresses where Xenforo resides on


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Topic says it all.

Just recently it started to recorded all user ip address the same ip address that the server uses where Xenforo is hosted from.

So obviously something broke somewhere, what would be the first step to troubleshoot this? Something to do with reverse lookup I presassume?

Thank you
I may have fixed it.

I added a module to apache the other day and but everything seems fine until we noticed the same ip address on all user so I just removed the module and recompiled apache web server.

I made a post and it's showing my actual ip address, now I am waiting for someone else to make a post to confirmed that I fixed it.

Since we use WHM/Cpanel and we have a script that we want to try out that require NGINX to execute from and Cpanel cannot run without apache so they offer a NGINX module to run along side with apache. I guess we must have not have it configured correctly when it was installed and broke it somehow.

I discovered this by checking the apache status and all ip address GET, POST etc was all coming from same ip address which was the host's ip addresses so I knew problem is started at apache.

After removing NGINX, apache status now showing all different ip addresses ....
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