Show Us Your Skills In Photography


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Show Us your skills In Photography

Everyone of us took picture in their life. Some of those photo were lost and other still in our library. So why not sharing some of that library in XenForo.​
Show us your top photos that were took by YOU​




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EDIT: is good to mention the camera brand and model
My camera is by Canon PowerShot SD850 IS
I have this baby for 3 years now


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Here is one I took at an air show a couple of days ago. The quality isn't that great, but it's still kinda hard to get such a shot - no time to prepare for anything, just shoot and hope the result will be at least decent. The planes are moving at about 350 mph each, resulting in a closure speed of about 700mph.

It looks spectacular, but in reality it's not so. The separation between the two "colliding" planes is about 20 meters, but the high zoom factor makes it look more scary than it actually is.



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how did you take this picture? :rolleyes:
That was one for the assignments from my website.
It was taken in shallow clear tank of water with tin foil underneath to gain extra light into the tank and I used various colour card behind the tank depending on what I was dropping in. A flash pointed upwards (on manual mode so I could add light if I needed it) and also natural light from a window. Pre focused the drop point within the tank by holding fruit inside. Drop the fruit in with a fast shutter speed and fast flash speed, repeat until you have a few good results. I have a photo of the set up somewhere, I'll dig it out and post it up later.

I got a few other shots that day
IMG_1939-1-2.jpeg IMG_1935-1-2.jpeg kiwi.jpeg


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Here's one I took at the weekend using Kier's equipment.

The camera was mounted on the gimbal, which makes it soooooo much easier to track objects.

Not a great shot, but it's slightly nerve wracking handling close on £20k of camera gear :eek:
The best part was the continuous shot mode - it's like a machine gun :D