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Shopping Cart Integration to be developed


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There are a lot of XF users that want to have a powerful shopping cart addon and there are a lot of users of a shopping cart called CS-Cart that want to have an integrated forum solution developed.

I have been using CS-Cart for many years now to sell physical and downloaded products and it is extremely powerful with everything that it can do...they even have a free version.

So I have asked a mod developer over at CS-Cart for a price to create an integration mod that will allow for user registration integration between XF and CS-Cart and they have just come back to me with a price of $1,000 which subject to no better offers I am very seriously considering getting done.

What I said to them was:
There has been for a long long time a demand on the CS-Cart forums and the Xenforo forum software site for a bridge between a shopping cart and a forum software. I use Xenforo which is developed by the leading vBulletin developers when they left vBulletin and it has become the greatest forum software available today.
So I need a bridge that will provide user integration between CS-Cart and Xenforo with:
- User registers on one they are registered on both
- User is deleted from one they are deleted from both
- User logs out of one they are logged out of both

The main issue I see is that the user table(s) would require different information such as CS-Cart requires address information but the forums don't etc however I don't want users registering in the forums to have to provide address etc information but only when they purchase something from CS-Cart does it get added. PLUS, it all would need to be extremely efficient in that there isn't any delays caused by user registration/login

This addon could be a huge money spinner on both CS-Cart and Xenforo sites and I could propose that I pay for it up front and then receive 50% of sales in return till my initial payment is covered and then you receive all payments and yearly subscriptions from then on. A very safe bet for yourselves plus an ability to make money from it.

I would be able to provide a "development" copy of Xenforo and CS-Cart for you to develop the bridge
So what I want to know is if this would be of interest to any XF owners? I would guess that the bridge would sell for a price say $100 and that it would be maintained with version releases.

I have over the last 10 years continually looked at other shopping cart products and have never found one that has so many built in features and is as powerful as CS-Cart. Have a look yourself at http://www.cs-cart.com/

So would there be a demand for this?