Add-on [TAKEN] Small shopping cart widget


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I am after a shopping cart widget for my forum

The widget is to allow forum users to purchase a Cryptocoin using Bitcoin.

The Cryptocoin (Rimbit), get its value from an Exchange at
The API for coinmarketcap can be found here

The cart API can be located here

Its a sidebar widget

User inputs how much Rimbit they want
It automagically fills in how much Bitcoin it will cost
Then they submit

  • In the backend is a percentage ABOVE the coinmarketcap price that Rimbit wiill be sold at, that I can change as needed..
    This is so my users can still trade on exchanges and not worry about the widget sales being easier to purchase from the forum at the same price
  • I also need a minimum trade price that the value of Rimbit will not go below.
    This is to avoid people dumping on an exchange and then quickly buying from this forum widget
Payment will be done using PayPal

Please submit your quote via PM
I prefer payment to be on tested completion, so if you have a different requirement, please state that in your quote

The forum is located at