shop with non usergroup permission based items


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The current shop for xenforo is ok, but it is usergroup permissions based, so to offer a number of text styles for usernames etc you have to create a new usergroup for every item and it becomes a bit silly.

I would love a shop for xenforo which is a mixure of vbshop and points market mods for vbulletin.

On vbulletin I used vbshop for glowing usernames as it worked better than points market. Members could purchase a glowing username and select the colour

I used points market for the Gifts section where members could buy gifts (images of items created by staff). The gifts would show in users postbit and profile page. Members could buy the gifts for themselves or other members. there was also an option for memers to purchase the ability to upload a smiley.

If anyone could create such an addon feel free to quote me a price



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Anyone fancy developing this.

I will pay.

This is the big downside of xenforo compared t0 VB.
this would have been done within days with VB