As designed Shared IPs not recognizing "User Name CSS"


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I have a banned usergroup with a special color defined in the "User Name CSS" textbox.

When I go to the profile of member X and run the "Shared IPs" function the system lists those people who are sharing IPs with member X however if one of those users belongs to the banned usergroup then their nicknames aren't colored properly - the system is ignoring the value of "User Name CSS" set for their usergroup.

Chris D

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Why is that definitely a bug?

There are actually a number of places where the plain version of the username is used vs the "rich" version of the username. The latter is what applies the user name CSS.

I can't think off hand anywhere in the Admin CP that displays user name CSS, so I would expect this to be as designed. Couple that with the Shared IPs function being more of a staff only sort of thing, user name CSS seems pretty redundant here.

Why is it necessary to have rich usernames there?