Share the code.....Share the love!!!


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I was reading this thread and it got me to thinking that there are some terrific coders in this community. It is also painfully apparent (just looking at myself) that there is a good number of us who see something really done nicely with a page or a block and scratch our heads wondering how that was done.

So, what I want to propose is a thread, maybe even with an image, that shows a block, page or anything that you think is packing the WOW factor. What would be even better is that you share the code that you used to create the gem!! This way others can see how coding can work for them and make our Xenforo sites shine everywhere. Im not saying that anyone needs to share if they arent interested, Im just saying that if I can create something that I am proud of I would have no problem sharing it with others.

Please think about it and if the interest is high enough then maybe a Moderator will Stickie it to keep the info easy to find!!



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If you visit my site and see anything that you wonder how I did it just let me know and I will post up the code and how I placed it. You pretty much have to register though to see all that I have added as I do restrict it to members for the most part. This cuts down on the spammers and trolls, sad but true.


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Nice idea MURay, I'm still waiting for Matt Mullenweg to assist me on all my WordPress projects. But you never know. In my next life I'm gonna be a coder though, so intrigued by it.