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Setting up redirects (Moving forum to a sub-directory)


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Currently my forum is located at domain.com. I want to move it to domain.com/community and place Wordpress at root.

I want to setup an redirect so anyone visiting domain.com/threads/successful-upgrade-minor-problem.52851/ (lets say this is a example from an google search) would get redirected to the new domain.com/community/threads/successful-upgrade-minor-problem.52851/ URL. So people coming from Google won't simply stumble upon a dead link.

At same time, if a visitor is visiting domain.com directly, he would be seeing Wordpress.

I believe it is called a 301 redirect, but I am not sure how I can accomplish this. Please help me. :)


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@Brogan Thanks for the link. If I understand @Jake Bunce correctly, I only need to add this:
RewriteRule ^(threads|forums|members)/(.*)$ /community/$1/$2 [R=301,L]
to the XF's default .htaccess file and update the Board URL?