Setting up a second, custom forum tab

So, I want to have a second, different forum page on my site. Same site, same database, 2 forum pages.

I've ALMOST managed to do this already using the NodesAsTabs addon...but only almost. What I have now is a new tab that goes to a category with its own page. However, I'd like the new tab to display SEVERAL categories, just like the main forum page can.

Theoretically, if it was possible to embed categories in a xenforo page node, that would be almost perfect. All that I would need at that point would be to figure out a way to stick the sidebar in.

Digital Doctor

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If you are stuck, you could make all the forums you want on the one tab ... subforums of a certain node ..... and then they would all appear on Tab 2 !

Jake Bunce

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The Nodes As Tabs can do that. Create a category, make it a tab and disable Display in the node list, then put your other categories underneath that tab. Voila.