Setting to define a board as development install


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When you set up a development install for testing then there are various things to turn off like email and sitemap pings. Sitemaps can be manually be turned off. Email can be turned off (i think) by adding something to the config.php.
It would be convenient to have a setting to set the install as development install and thereby turning off all outside communication and superfluous crons. I suggest a new setting here: /admin.php?options/list/basicBoard
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Great idea. At the moment, I run an SQL command as part of my script that replicates production to test/dev ...

UPDATE xf_option SET option_value='<MYSITE> DEV' WHERE option_id='boardTitle';UPDATE xf_option SET option_value='<MYSITE DEV URL>' WHERE option_id='boardUrl';UPDATE xf_option SET option_value='0' WHERE option_id IN ('boardActive','sitemapAutoRebuild','sitemapAutoSubmit');UPDATE xf_option SET option_value='' WHERE option_id='boardInactiveMessage';UPDATE xf_feed SET active =0;UPDATE xf_cron_entry set active =0;
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