development environment

  1. X

    Unmaintained Options by URL 1.0.0

    Allows overriding XF options via URL. Unauthenticated. Not for general use! Usage Prefix xf.options. to the option name; ie; Array values should be encoded as json; ie;{"type":"default"} Warnings Only...
  2. Alpha1

    Setting to define a board as development install

    When you set up a development install for testing then there are various things to turn off like email and sitemap pings. Sitemaps can be manually be turned off. Email can be turned off (i think) by adding something to the config.php. It would be convenient to have a setting to set the install...
  3. Ptr

    Templates as files in development environment?

    Is there any recommended route to achieve the editing of templates in a code editor? Don't get me wrong, the Admin CP code editor is nice for quick edits but for any serious undertaking it really hampers productivity. I see in one of Kier's videos he has templates open in Dreamweaver and I...