Setting a "Page" as your "Home" Page - Is it possible.

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Based on these posts:

Can we set a page to use as a homepage instead of the forum home?​
I see this question hasn't been answered :). I have the same question... when I go to the example page now, it sits/is accessible through a link in the 'Test and examples' forum. But I have no use for that... what I really need is exactly this functionality of static pages for my site. Not the forum. So, when visitors click on [Home], they are presented with exactly this. Is this possible?
Yes it is. Don't add the page to the forum list, and point your homepage url to this page.
What is a Page ? - A Page is a Page as defined here: Pages Example: example-page

I get the feeling you can create a Page that serves as your Home Page. Home page is defined as what shows up when someone goes to

Questions: Do you get redirected to ? (does this redirect have to be there?) When people go to my site I want the "Home" tab to be selected and I want my custom Page there.

Anyone accomplish this with Pages ?


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Home -> Options -> Basic Board Information -> Home Page URL -> would define the "Home" Tab I believe.

As for pointing directly to the domain and having it go to the create-page I think you could achieve that through an .hta edit but I'm not too sure on that one.

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If this is possible ....
Why doesn't look like this ?

I post @ complaining that doesn't use their own CMS. IB.Adrian and the like say that "We need things customized". And I reply when uses it's own software, I'll be ready to support vBulletin again.

It's not like there is some fancy Code on the landing page.

Thoughts ?


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I think the fact that there selling the product on the home page it should be as easy to navigate and not confusing at all. They customers to know exactly where to go, just my thoughts

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I don't think that "Pages" is going to fit the bill for a "Home Page" as everyone expects.

Q: Is it possible to use the Home Tab as a HomePage - with some custom HTML page ?
with the idea that going to lands you on the Home Tab with the custom HTML page selected ?


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I wonder if any xenForo customers sell anything ?
Not sure if we're on the same page heh, my example was referring to specifically. As for customers who use XenForo the software it is still in beta so the home page is sort of your own doing. I know Jaxel is working on a portal page which can suffice for the home page, also a wordpress bridge is developed that I have yet to try out but options are coming.

Sorry if I'm not following you or if I came across in a wrong direction.


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There are three things still not met !
(1) - should land on the Home "Page", not the forums.
(2) I want the Home Tab selected when I go to
(3) I want my page displayed under the Home Tab.

Anyone think this is still possible ?
1. You can achieve that with an .htaccess redirect
2. That will require template/code edits as the home page tab is not designed to be displayed as an active tab in the current configuration.
3. See 2

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I would just create an index.php file in the web root with this code:



Change the URL appropriately. That will redirect the user to the URL that you specify.
That is only for people who install xenforo to a subdirectory, correct ?
Do the instructions tell people of this important point ?