XF 2.2 Set a Page as home page


I am somewhat confused on how I can have a page on my site (https://plex.us.org/pages/home) without the "/pages/home". For example if someone were to visit https://plex.us.org, it would say "Oops! This page could not be found". I use Caddy as my webserver and the configuration is below
plex.us.org {
    import logging
    import php
    try_files {path} /index.php
    root * /var/www/xenforo
    redir / /pages/home
    respond /.ht* 403

Basically I have a redir on / to go to /pages/home, but I'm wondering if I can somehow put /pages/home at / so I don't need the redirect

I have this set as my home page

I thought that this would set /pages/home as / but apparently not so I'm not sure what to do from here.
It works out of the box as I described above.

All that is required is to set the index page route and the home page will load at the domain root where XF is installed, without the pages/front.

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