XF 2.2 Can't Quite Pinpoint Why My Home Page is Redirecting

Digital Jedi

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I'm not quite sure if my issue is with an old addon that should be uninstalled, or with me not quite grasping how home pages are setup in XF. Maybe both.

My main domain name (https://www.cogonline.net) redirects to where the old Extra Portal for XF 1.x used to go. (cogonline.net to cogonline.net/forum/index.php?portal/)

And I don't really know why. The old add-on was uninstalled during the upgrade process. And I've removed it's files from the server. I have no redirects setup in my server settings. I'm not really sure what the issue is.

I will admit, I'm not fully grasping how to setup a homepage in XF if your board is in a subfolder. I was fond of doing it this way with vB, but I'm wondering if this is contributing to my confusion.
Log in to the XF ACP directly, ensure the Board URL is correct and check the canonical option.

If it still redirects, it's server side, possibly .htaccess.
I completely forgot to check .htaccess directly. That's how long I've been out of the game. However, I did find the redirect there, but removing it didn't stop it. I don't have any kind of caching plugin. So I'm not sure what else could cause that.
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