XF 1.1 Setting a page as the home page.

Below is what I'm trying to do:
  • Set a node page as the home page.
  • Make site.com/ go to the home page.
  • Make site.com/forum go to the forum.
  • Have the home tab selected in the navigation when on the home page.
  • Have the home page include the sidebar the same as on the forum.
I've been trying to do this fore quite some time with no luck. What I currently have is.
  • A node page that I want to be the home page, however when you go there the url is /pages/home/ and going to the root of the site takes you to the forum.
  • The home tab is not selected on the home page.
  • The sidebar only shows the first section with the user info.
  • site.com/forum redirects you to site.com
Anyone know how to go about accomplishing this? *sigh*
Thanks, I tried that but I don't seem to see anything changed.
class Renari_CustomIndex_Listener
    public static function initDependencies(XenForo_Dependencies_Abstract $dependencies, array $data)
        if (!$dependencies instanceof XenForo_Dependencies_Public)
        $config = new Zend_Config(array(
            'routePrefix'     => 'pages',
            'controllerClass' => 'XenForo_ControllerPublic_Page',
            'params'          => array('node_name' => 'home'),
        GeekPoint_CustomIndex_Helper::setDefaultRoute($config, $data);
When I go to /pages/home nothing changes and the forum is still the main path.
Strange, I set this up on a dev copy and it worked fine. Exported it and copied all the files over installing it on a live site and now going to /pages/home simply puts you back at the root which is the forums. Making the /pages/home page inaccessible.