Set post moderation to group


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Hi there,

The base group was never under initial post moderation.
I would like to set the moderation on new members now and then upgrade them
to a new group later.

I figured how to promote a group, but can not seem to find the on off for setting post moderation's
on the initial group.
I see it discussed on the forum and even the XF documentation says little about this setting,
So help in where its located to change this.

Help is appreciated.


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Hi there,
I had read this before ( thank you:) ). But I am not seeing how one setup a group as moderated ?
I do understand the promotion part, but is there not a switch that allows groups to be moderated ?


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The first step is to configure the Registered user group with the base permissions all members will have. As we want all members to be pre-moderated initially, then the permission Follow message moderation rules must be set to Not Set (No).


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Didn't work using the help section, I am trying to reverse what we started out with.

I see a few more articles you wrote that look like that are way more detailed then the help section.



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It may be that I am explaining it wrong ? Not sure.

When we all moved from SMF to XF about 2 months ago everything made it over ok, accept stats etc post counts on members and passwords,
So members all were new( by how it looked), but registered and showed no user posts even though there were a few thousand.

Being there were allot of members, moderating them would have been a full time job. So I must have at that time turned off
the moderation.
So the base group we have is not moderated. And groups above it are not moderated.
We are finding now that we need a base group created under the original and to graduate say after 10 posts to
the 2nd ( original base group).
The instructions I read show ( to me ) how to set up a base moderated group and graduate them where ever is chosen..
I think I understood that.
But to created a newer moderated base group and then upgrade to the current base group, can't seem to find how to do this.

What I have done :

Created a Group, turned on moderation. Set it to graduate after 10 posts. ( to the old base group)
What happens is it moderates everyone even though the other groups are not checked as associated with the new group.
I have senior members that get moderated are in advanced groups, again the new base group is not associated with any groups.
Yet acts like it is?

Finding the cause and solution so far escapes me.

I'll keep poking around see what I can find.


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Hi, actually went back and did that as was well. No luck. It either moderates everyone or no one.
The help section on the XF would be so much more helpful if they were not run on directions
and we actual step by steps. 1 2 3 4 5 type stuff.
I have worked on forums for years, but I am a complete newbie to XF. The direction and language are
foreign and I find using the help section for a new person is my opinion lacking quite a bit.

When I think of help sections I think a section such as Moderation of New members.
Then a step by step setup . Because if something goes wrong one can go back and look at their setup
and see what they missed. I am not knocking on XF, but for being new its a huge issue to understand
what is the intentions of the writer.
I am sure what ever I am doing or not is way simple, and if I were on SMF it would have been done in 5 minutes
because I know that software, I do not know this here.

I think XF nails it when it comes to creation and developing the sites and areas its quite awesome.
But have noticed doing members task hits a road block for me being new.

There is a guy on here that has worked on my site allot, I will ask him see if he can make heads or tails of what I am
doing or not. Hes very good at giving the steps needed to get things done.

I appreciate your help, but either something is broke on my end or I am not getting what you are putting down .
And help direction as not good enough for my experience on the software.
Cause I know moderating new people should be way simple.

Thank You


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The steps are all listed in the help manual:
The first step is to configure the Registered user group with the base permissions all members will have. As we want all members to be pre-moderated initially, then the permission Follow message moderation rules must be set to Not Set (No).

The next step is to create a new user group, which we will call Verified Member, and in that group we set the Follow message moderation rules permission to Allow, while all other permissions stay at Not Set (No).

Now create the promotion, giving it a title of Promoted Member and check the Verified Member user group. For the criteria, select User has posted at least X messages and enter a value of 5.