Lack of interest set Google Maps default region

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Hey guys,

I like the fact that the location of a user is automatically linked to Google Maps.

My members are using a German ZIP code but because of a missing region Google Maps tries to find their ZIP code in the US. I could ask them to add ", Deutschland" to their ZIP but most of my members are from Germany so I'd love to see an option where I can tell Google Maps to look for the ZIP within a certain country/region.

What do you think? :)
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Well if you had only people from Germany at your forum you could make it so it will always suffix the location info with whatever country you want, such as Germany for a dedicated German forum.

You can do that like this...
In your ACP, Go to:
Home > Options > External Service Providers

Location Information URL:{location}

And add this at the end :

so that you get this:{location} Deutschland

If you would like to show the satellite view you can also change it to:{location}+Deutschland

This would only work properly for you if you have members only using German addresses or addresses for whatever country you have added to the Location Information URL.
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