XF 2.2 Embed google maps, via the coordinates of a custom field.


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I have a custom field present in a thousand posts with coordinates(obviously different for each post).
Coordinates are represented like this
LAT,LONG (52.345596,4.919289)

I am currently showing a link:

This solution has two positive sides:
  1. works without api-key
  2. shows the google maps marker exactly on the point of the coordinates
and a negative one:
  1. doesn't embed the map.
and here is my question:

How do i embed a google map, taking the coordinates from my custom field and displaying the google maps marker on the map?

I tried using various possibilities:

via the custom field's "Value display HTML", but I can't get it to embed.

I am aware, that for this solution (if I understand correctly), I need an API-KEY