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Listing all values for all members of a custom user field on a page

Hey everyone,

First time posting, I tried searching for this but I probably wasn't getting the right keywords to find it.

Basically I'm wanting to list all values entered in the custom field OriginID onto a page. I am assuming that with the right xencode I could simply place it in the page template html section and it would all appear.. Then I could format it how I wish.

Problem is, while I'm familiar with how to call a custom field for each user I'm not sure how to do it for all. Could someone please help me with the code.


Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
You can run a query on the database to fetch that information:


Displaying these results on a page node requires creating a callback function. If you are a programmer then Kier posted some good video tutorials here:


Otherwise you can post a request for some one to write this for you: