XF 2.2 Can we use value of a custom thread field in another custom field?


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[custom thread field A] age : 23
[custom thread field B] gender: male

I would like to wrap the output of CTF B as: 23 year old male

where '23' is the {$value} of CTF A

Is it possible at all?
You can disable displaying a values of custom field and implement displaying in required format in templates.

The second part seems to be a big challenging for me as I'm not an experienced coder.

In corresponding template, I guess the part that listing CTFs is in the form of a loop.

Until the end, for every CTF {

show: {$name} : {$value}


I can add a line to check when {$name} is my target, then change it to something I want. But how do I get the {$value} of another {$name}?

Sorry I'm really not a capable coder.
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