XF 1.5 Server error while adding style

When I try to add a new style I get 500 Internal server error with dreaded "Premature End of Script Headers", i.e. Premature end of script headers: admin.php, referer: https://libertarianizm.net/admin.php?styles/import

The server is Dreamhost VPS with plenty of RAM, four times exceeding current memory usage. The support checked the configuration and everything seems to work fine. Unfortunately, I'm unable to add the style.

Any ideas what could be a reason?


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Is it for all styles or one in particular?

Does it take a long time for the error to happen - after a couple of minutes for example?
Or is it quite quick?
I'm attempting to install XenBase - Style Framework by Pixel Exit, a part of commercial style. The XML file is around 500K.

It doesn't too take long to get the error, around minute or so.


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It could be related to a timeout if it's happening after a minute or so.

Especially if you are able to import other .xml files without issue.