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Separate Smiley Path Per Style


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For those of use who have both a light and a dark style on our forums.

I don't know if this is even possible, but...

I need a mod that will give me a separate path for smilies - one path for smiles for a light style, and a separate path for smilies for a dark style.

I am willing to pay (if it's not too awfully much).
You can PC me here or contact me for my email address.

Thank you in advance!


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This would be a nice addition. Primarily if your using a light and dark themed style this would be beneficial if your using animated smilies (gifs) that require specific matting to the background colour they're being applied up. Another benefit of this would be if your using themed smilies allowing related smilies per theme.

this request reminds me of the vbulletin replacement variable system which I always enjoyed using and used frequently so I think this gets a like. (y)

I'd like to see some kind of system like this in the xenforo core. IMHO it's a must.

Edit: I'm quite sure I requested a replacement variable system.


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Thanks for the support Shelley.

I do have both a light and dark style on my new site and most of my smilies are animated. They look horrible on the dark skin. :(