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Lack of Interest separate name for <TITLE> / INDEX / EMAIL SENDER

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by swatme, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. swatme

    swatme Well-Known Member

    i know this can be done manually which i already implemented.

    but i guess its best to have separate textbox for the
    -webbrowser <TITLE> tag name
    -xf index page <h1> tag name
    -email sender name

    if your forum web address is = ladygagainternetforum.com

    its best to have a <title> tag for seo purposes
    Lady Gaga Entertainment and Singing sensation Forum Portal - ladygagainternetforum.com

    for the xf index: its an eye sor to have that very long name shown in your index page.
    so its better to have:
    Lady Gaga Forum

    For the xf email sender name:
    its better to make it brief and concise what shown in the email sender name when you receive in your email,
    so its better to use: LadyGagaInternetForum.com

    Though it can be done manually, its better to have it included in next version so that
    we dont have to manually edit the templates during the update process..

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