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There are several SEO-Tools to improve XF.
Some do it better, some not. Some have build big addons with a lot of maybe wonderful ideas, while some people just need an easy thing to go on.

What i really miss and this is something that maybe could be build in XF:

We have the routes to rewrite an URL to something we like more that that what we have.
Why we dont add two more fields (or one as an array) to the routes to handle title and description (maybe keywords, geo meta and other things) to XF itself.

For example: A client has the form addon from SNOG. If i link to the form, i read "Form" as a link in the forum.
The same happens to some more links where we try to keep the title short for some reasons, but would like to have a longer text for title and also would like to have a description (and a picture).

SNOG could fix this. Every programer can fix this for his addon, but why there is no "thing" that handles that for all addons and links?
Why every programer needs to care and needs to reenvent the wheel again?

I would like to have a centralized "thing"; so you maybe can edit a thread in the forum itself, maybe a forum in the acp; but maybe we can have everything in one place sorted by whatever.

And i dont talk only about SEO, i also would like to have better links in the forum itself.
Here you can see a typicall link in XF? Do you like it? Do you think this ok for the year 2020?

One more

- - -

We have the addon from AndyB using two fields for title and description instead one field for an array.
We have the old addon from aulait (if you have it).
We have a new one from Nulumia.
Anything else?
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I ask for your opinion how this SEO-Stuff and link could be improved.
At the moment it is like a lot of islands, you have to visit them, maybe can do something, maybe not.
I dont know if that "routing" is something you should do for many links; maybe not.

I dont know what is the best way to solve, but maybe XF can offer something, like a function for every page that needs an array and builds title, description, keys, geo meta and other things.
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