XF 2.2 How to build links in templates [SOLVED] But please explain xf:extension


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How is it possible to build links in templates, I know there is a function link, but how can it be used.
I've tried it for nodes, but it is still empty.

I parsed an item element of my select statement to it, where I query threads, nodes and users with some join statements. To create links for threads are working, to create the avatar and the link to the user works as well, but not for nodes, any idea?

I guess the problem is, that threads and nodes both have the title column.
Thanks for your help

In Xenforo1 it was possible by using prepareThreadFetchOptions, is there something similar in Xenforo2?
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got it:

First set an var array:
    <xf:set var="$array" value="{{ {'title': $item.node_title, 'node_id': $item.node_id} }}" />

Use the var, which must be an array in link line:
        <a href="{{ link('forums', $array ) }}">

please could someone explain:
xf:extension name=
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