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SEO Friendly URL's not working

"404 Not Found" is the error I am getting.

I just installed a xenForo to /community (not within root) of my website.
I then logged in and enabled SEO Friendly URL's. I moved htaccess.txt to ".htaccess"

I went to the URL of my site and attempted to visit the default installed "Main Forum" (<site>/community/forums/main-forum.2/) and I get a 404 Error

1) I know that mod_rewrite is enabled for sure,
2) I tried uncommenting "RewriteBase" and changing the path (no changes),
3) Looking at the logs I see this error:
[Mon Feb 14 09:55:20 2011] [error] [client] File does not exist: <path>public_html/community/forums, referer: http://<IP>/community/
maybe the "/forums" is an issue?
4) Can't think of anything else to try - open to suggestions :)

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated ;-)A
Thanks for your help. I misread the httpd.conf due to all the comments. It turns out that AllowOverride was not actually enabled. I just enabled it and everything appears tob e WORKING good. Thanks again