XF 2.2 Checking SEO Friendly URLs leads to 404 errors


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Currently converting three vB4 forums to Xenforo 2.2.x (latest version).

All three are on the same dedicated server and the problem occurs on all three forums.

Xenforo installs fine. However, even before importing any of the vB4 content, as soon as SEO Friendly URLs is enabled, all of the links result in 404 not found errors. I have done a number of conversions previously (about a dozen at this point) and I've never encountered this before.

What are the likely causes of this?
XenForo doesn't change the contents of .htaccess. At minimum everything from htaccess.txt should be in there but you can add your own lines to .htaccess if you need to (some people do that for specific reasons like switching PHP versions).

Other things to check are, a) you're actually using Apache and not a different web server b) that Apache has mod_rewrite enabled and c) the RewriteBase line may need to be uncommented and changed if your XF installation isn't in the webroot, e.g. if your site is www.example.com/forum the RewriteBase line may need to be changed to RewriteBase /forum.
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