XF 1.5 SEO friendly URLs: forum name in thread URL


We have many forums (but no subforums within forums) and I believe it's best for SEO purposes to have the particular forum name included in the thread URLs.

Is it possible to configure XF such that the URL of my threads includes the forum name as a directory? Like this:

mysite.com/[forum name]/[thread title].[thread id]/

For example, a thread titled "Benefits of lemon juice" in the forum "Natural Health" would have a URL like this:


whereas a thread titled "Best forum software" under the forum "Webmaster Forum " would have a URL like this:


I'm migrating from VB4+VBSEO, and one thing I like about the VBSEO setup is having the forum name in the thread URLs, in this way, as I believe it's good for SEO, and we're already indexed in the search engines this way for a large number of threads. I understand that perhaps my URLs will not be exactly the same but is it possible to at least retain this aspect of our present configuration? Thanks in advance! (If it simplifies things, in our case we have no subforums as I said.)