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In 2016, <> fixed loss of white space from [CODE] – thanks again to @Mike.

In 2019, @dvsDave wrote:

A user pointed out that the editor appears to truncate multiple spaces down to a single space. Any way to disable or modify this behavior? I can't find an option in the Admin Panel. (for example, when typing this, I put 2 spaces between each sentence in this post). I edited the post and the double spaces are there, so it appears to be something in the display code.

@AndyB responded:

By default, the multiple spaces between words in HTML page will be displayed as single space in browsers. There's no way to change this default behavior.

Now, on behalf of another end user, I'd like to suggest:
  • a non-default option to enable support for sentence spacing.
<> exemplifies support:


I was taught, more than fifty years ago, to use two full spaces. Many years later I learnt to use a single space in some contexts.

Now, whilst I have no strong opinion either way, I do empathise with – and support – the wish for traditional spacing to be respected (if a forum administrator chooses to enable the option).

Of course, some readers will have entirely different beliefs about what's traditional:
  • I respect those beliefs
  • so should XenForo, as an option.
Thank you.

Food for thought
  1. the obvious: <>
  2. One space or two spaces after a full stop? Scientists have finally found the answer | The Independent (2018-05-05)
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