XF 1.5 Sending registration email from external service


is it possible to configure XenForo so that the default registration is disabled, but an external service can tell XenForo to send someone an email with some sort of registration link. Directly creating an account and sending a randomized password that should (or preferably has to) be changed later is also ok. Since I assume that there is no way to get XenForo to do that on it's own, are there any plugins which have this functionality?
If that is not the case, is there a way to do something like adding a user to XenForo's database and immediately triggering a password reset?

Thanks for your help
I believe there are services and add-ons that could do some of this in a more advanced way, but none are officially supported by us.

I believe there are several invite/paid membership add-ons in our Resource Manager:


I have no experience with either of these, but it should point you in the right direction to find out more information.

I believe there are other third party integrations available too.

If you did want a more simple solution such as the one you suggested, you could in fact use a much smaller add-on:

This would allow you to create a user manually in the Admin CP, and when you go back into edit that user, you can trigger a password reset to be sent to them.
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