1. B

    Not a bug Keycloak Auth SPI

    I'm trying to make an authentication SPI which loads a custom ftl in which the username is provided, depending on whether the user is registered or not, it goes to login or register. This step works as it should, for this I make a context switch and load the corresponding ftls, the login makes...
  2. aidanohart

    Xenforo as an OAuth2 service

    Hi there, Just interested if there is some way I could use Xenforo as an OAuth2 service and make it the central way to have all user accounts across all my different apps and services. An example for some people.. 1. On an external website, the login button will redirect you to the Xenforo page...
  3. N

    AZURE AD Pass through Auth

    Will Xenforo Support Azure AD Pass-through Authentication.
  4. N

    Presales Question about the Auth Protocol

    HI we want to check which protocols are supported by xenforo. we are primarly looking at pass-through authentication to seamlessly integrate into our app does it support Oauth 2.0 protocol
  5. S

    Implemented Apple Sign In

    More info here: and here: Attract more users by allowing Sign In via Apple ID.
  6. Penguinexpert1

    Please add support for external Database authentication

    Hi there, I have an external PHP site that I would like to integrate with XenForo. It would be nice if XenForo could use the database that I already have (passwords stored with bcrypt), by being told which fields to lookup for certain functions. For example, IPB (Invision) offers this...
  7. ibnesayeed

    Password-less Login Using Web Authentication API (WebAuthn)

    As many web browser vendors (including Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge) are pushing forward for the support of the Web Authentication API (WebAuthn), it would be good to experiment with a more secure and less frustrating password-less authentication experience using asymmetric...
  8. Mouth

    Lack of interest Add support for Duo to two-step verification

    Duo is a well respected two-factor authentication provider. Please add support for Due to Xenforo. contains documentation, including GitHub php library for easy integration.
  9. Foxtrek_64

    Add-on XenForo LDAP Authentication

    Details for this enhancement request.... Feature list (This will be updated with suggestions as people add them): Multiple Authentication Methods... Support authentication using LDAP/LDAPS, Kerberos, or local DB (LDAP/LDAPS is highly desired for compatibility with multiple platforms.)...
  10. A

    Is there tutorial on Xenforo's Authentication and Encryption for SSO?

    Hi There, I'm hoping to learn more about how Xenforo handles passwords and authentication and etc... real newbie when it comes to databases but I thought I'd ask for some insights anyways. I'm hoping to use the same database that xenforo is on with my "" website. It looks...
  11. T

    Fixed Password authentication problem from Imported IPB 3 forums

    I did a conversion from IPB 3.4 to XenForo and found that a percentage of members were unable to authenticate on their first login attempt. But, many users could authenticate fine. Took a while to figure out, but, the information on how passwords are treated in IPB is explained here...
  12. Foxtrek_64

    XF 1.5 xenForo Active Directory/LDAP

    Hello all, After looking around on the forums, I found this thread discussing LDAP and Active Directory. However, seeing as the thread was from 2011, I thought it better to make my own thread instead of necro-ing the other one. That being said, I am trying to use LDAP to enable Single Sign-On...
  13. S

    XF 1.5 Sending registration email from external service

    Hello, is it possible to configure XenForo so that the default registration is disabled, but an external service can tell XenForo to send someone an email with some sort of registration link. Directly creating an account and sending a randomized password that should (or preferably has to) be...
  14. jflory7

    XF 1.5 Google authentication no longer functioning

    Hello all, Firstly, when setting up Google authentication for my site,, I followed the official guide provided by the XenForo team. A month or two ago, a user contacted me saying that they were no longer able to log into the site with Google, and they were presented with...
  15. jflory7

    XF 1.5 2FA key cannot be scanned, entered manually - then stopped working?!

    Hello, Today, my 30 days finally expired on my login using my 2FA key. When I was initially setting up my 2FA authentication, my phone could not scan the QR code on my screen to add it (I am using Authy over Google Authenticator). This was strange, seeing as it worked here on the XF Forums, but...
  16. M

    Custom Authentication with XenForo?

    I am using symfony2 as my main application, the session is stored inside redis. I am wondering how simple is it to roll my own authentication strategy? Would I be able to pull in the session from redis fairly easy and tell XenForo to return true? Can anyone provide some examples, insights, or...
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