Custom Authentication with XenForo?

Michael Aubry

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I am using symfony2 as my main application, the session is stored inside redis.

I am wondering how simple is it to roll my own authentication strategy? Would I be able to pull in the session from redis fairly easy and tell XenForo to return true?

Can anyone provide some examples, insights, or existing plugins? I would love to purchase this but I dont want to have to dig too deep to figure out how to write something to share sessions.

I know it can be done, but I am curious to see what you guys have to say.



Apologies for the necro, and correct me if I'm wrong, but what it sounds like you are attempting to do is called Single Sign-On (SSO). Users log into your main app and, upon accessing the forums, maintain their login.

I had asked about this in the thread below, but at this point, nothing exists to allow either SSO or LDAP functionality, the exception being SSO capability across multiple installations of xenForo, though I believe the intent with these plugins is to allow for some rudimentary load balancing.

As this is a fairly specific SSO application, you may want to look at hiring a developer to provide you with this functionality.

If this is a business solution and you are able to get both symfony2 and xenForo to support LDAP authentication, then you can allow pass-through authentication. In this case, it's not using cached credentials stored in an encrypted cookie to log you in, as SSO applications are structured, but the web server is querying your Active Directory object and automatically logging you in.

Unfortunately, the above solution is not feasible within a paid hosting environment, but it's food for thought.

If you have any PHP experience, you may want to look at the xenForo SSO plugins and see if you can modify their code (assuming they make it available) to connect to your symfony2 server. Other than that, I am out of suggestions.

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...nothing exists for either SSO or LDAP functionality...
As shown in this thread:

You can use oAuth2.0 authentication, which is supported by Active Directory Federation Services.

Additional development would be required, as pointed out in the thread above, as the current oAuth2 functionality only supports Google, Facebook, and Twitter. However, if symfony2 allows for oAuth2 authentication from services other than those providers or allows for said additional development, then this may be able to provide you with your solution... again, assuming the webserver(s) hosting symfony2 and xenForo are on the same network as a Microsoft Active Directory server. But hey, at least it's possible.
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