1. G

    Xenforo Sessions in external php files, IPv6 issues?

    So I've been using this code to grab the user sessions for a long time, and it works great. However I've started getting user complaints of pages not working, and the only thing I can see different about the users with issues is they have IPv6 Addresses. Any Ideas? //Xenforo install...
  2. ghostwolfling

    Right way to check if session is valid

    Hello, I am developing a custom service using python + django which interacts with a forum database. I need to verify if user session is valid. Right now I: Check for 'xf_session' cookie. Check in a forum database if the session exists. Check if the session isn't expired (expiry_date >...
  3. M

    Custom Authentication with XenForo?

    I am using symfony2 as my main application, the session is stored inside redis. I am wondering how simple is it to roll my own authentication strategy? Would I be able to pull in the session from redis fairly easy and tell XenForo to return true? Can anyone provide some examples, insights, or...
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