Lack of interest Self-Reference in Conversations "With"


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In the Conversations Inbox drop-down menu, the adverb "With:" is followed by the user names of the participants of the conversation including the receiver of the notification.

The meaning is akward, to say the least, as one is not having a conversation with himself/herself. The participant to whom the notification is being addressed should not be included in the list of "conversation with."


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It's easily "fixable" that I don't think a global change is needed, personally. In this case, at least from how I see it, it's not being used to say you're having a conversation with those people, but rather who's in the conversation.

On KH-Flare, I've changed it to use the {xen:phrase participants} phrase instead of the {xen:phrase with_people} phrase. In addition, I added the phrase to the conversion list, which doesn't have it by default, and removed it from the Inbox dropdown just for more space, which does have it by default.