Add-on Seeking XenForo developer to create an add-on to assist with forum, turn based, RPGs


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Hey everyone! I am looking for a Xenforo developer who can assist with the creation of an add-on that would allow for us to host and properly manage turn based, forum led D&D games. Think of it as paper and pencil meets forums.

We can discuss specifics in private, but in a nutshell it would need to be able to handle which campaigns are active or closed, the requirements to be part of a campaign, the ability to ask to join, a character generator which would be able to save and follow the player -- as well as some DM tools and ability to 'advertise' the campaign, back story, and so forth ... and an auto-refresh to up to date on what is happening.

Ideally I would like to see it developed to where it is more of a stand a lone function than actually held in the forums, but first need to find a developer who feels confident they could build such an add-on and ideally one with some familiarity with RPGs.

Thanks for your time! Please shoot me a message to discuss further.