Add-on Seeking a qualified XF add-on developer to assist with two custom projects


I have two add-on ideas I'm looking to develop for a new XF install on a high traffic website. I'm unclear as to the scope of the work involved as I am not a XF developer, but have a very clear idea of what I'm looking for. Now I'm seeking a qualified developer that has extensive XenForo add-on development experience to assist. Once we define the project and understand the scope fully, I'd like to set a flat fee for the successful completion of the project.

I'll provide full details directly with those I'm speaking to, but here's a quick summary so you can decide if you have the qualification and interest of possibly taking this project on...

1. First add-on is a new content block on our forum that pulls recent post data from a WordPress install on the same domain. Ideally, we'd like some basic configuration settings, but ultimately are looking to pull 2 posts randomly upon page load from the most recent 12 posts (based upon publish date). It would take the thumbnail image, title and permalink and present below the primary navigation of certain XenForo pages. Obviously we're concerned with efficiency in regards to DB queries, etc since this is a high traffic forum / website. Would assume this would greatly benefit from someone familiar with WordPress development.

2. Secondly we're looking for a XenForo add-on that gives us more control over the processing of image attachments Thumbnails. We created something similar on a different forum system we're no longer using, so looking to do the same on XF. Essentially I'd like to control how image attachment thumbnail appear on forum comments so that within the add-on settings we can specify the final display size for length and width. As this aspect ratio will likely differ from the image dimensions of the original attachment, the settings would also allow us to set a percentage size for scaling of the image, as well as origin and and X and Y axis offset for the crop (options would be center-middle, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left, top-left plus an offset specified in pixels for X and Y). So for instance, if the image is 1100 x 400 px, we might set the presentation of all our thumbnails to 300 x 100, scale 65%, crop from top-left, X offset 25px, Y offset 20px. Last option would be define a hex color for the background in the event that the generated graphic didn't fill the specified size configured for the thumbnail (resulting in a letter box type situation with the graphic where we could chose the color of the letter box).

In regards to the final work, I'm happy to commission this work and donate the result back to the community(with the hope that someone might be interested in evolving / maintaining it).

If anyone is interested, I'm available to discuss over Skype, email or here on the board.

Please contact me for more details and to discuss costs.

Thank you in advance.