Seeking programmer to port vb mod


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Just as the title states (mods move this if it's in an inpropper spot. I wasn't sure where to put this)

I've asked a few people about this now without response, so I figures I'd post this up for all users. I'd like to see what someone would charge to port a vb mod to xen. It's coded under the public gnu
So it's my understanding someone can take the code and bring it here without problem. I'm just hoping someone is willing.

I'm willing to pay to have someone do it solely for me...or on a donation base or whatever.

Any questions regarding features or whatever, just ask. I'd basically like it to be identical in features. Thanks for any feedback or response to this.


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The main advantage to the mod I posted is that it requires no 3rd party server / service. You're not relying on another provider.


Looks like is possable to port to xenforo. I can probably do this for you if you want to discuss some kinda of arrangement. Pm me

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What does it do?
It spots posts that could potentially be spam then (depending on option settings) creates a thread alerting site admin/moderators about the post and/or hides the post from view.

How does it identify the spam?
All off the posts for users with a post count of less than 10 (configurable) have their posts checked against a number of rules. Each rule has a different "score". If the total score for the post exceeds a specified limit then the post is deemed to be spam.

Can I add my own rules?
The installer file has a default rule set with it, you may wish to customise the rules in the options section of the AdminCP. The rules system is fairly simple to add to, in simple terms each rule is a perl regular expression and a score.
Stop Forum Spam

KeyCaptcha - Antispam

If you search the Addon Forum, there are some other anti-Spam things.
Sounds like you are looking for more.


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The main advantage to the mod I posted is that it requires no 3rd party server / service. You're not relying on another provider.
The advantage of this 3rd party service is that they specialize in spam management and they keep up with the latest spam trends for you (You can submit spam posts to the service directly from VB). The mentioned mod may work for you in the now, but you will have to tweak it over time.


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Thank you for the links above....

I'm aware that using a 3rd party would help with new trends. I've tweaked my settings over the last 6 or so years, so I'm used to things. It catches probably 99.8% of anything that people attempt to spam at this point with my key words / links file. I'm watching the other two threads to learn more about those options though. Thanks