Add-on Seeking Facebook Bridge/Emulator Developing Partner


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The convenience of Facebook and the direct engagement into discussions as soon as you go online is now so deeply anchored in the heads of the social media users, that in my opinion a forum does a good job if there is a kind of bridge head that makes it easier for Facebook users to get involved – especially when the community has started on Facebook and shall now expand into the forum world.

Therefore I would like to partner with a developer that has the dedication and skills to build a bridge / emulator that mimics certain elements of behavior / interface. This is especially targeted on mobile users, so it shall be fully responsive of course.

Here I propose "partnering" over "funding", because I can and want to do the conceptual work, including interface design and the developer does the coding. Bringing 20+ years of design and marketing experience to the table could help maybe. Once ready, this can be sold to the general XF community as I would think that more XF admins are interested to close the gap between XF and social media.

I know this has been discussed here and elsewhere controversially and there are voices that want a strict separation, but I see the potential in my member community and maybe I am not alone with this.

If one of the experienced "usual suspects" (meant respectfully) could step in I would really appreciate it. Of course I appreciate the opinion of the developer in regard of the realization of such a project. More details can be discussed in private.