Security question+post limit


Hello. I have tried to search the forums, but i am unable to find an addon that ads a security question (something like "what color is White?") to #1 Members login window, #2 When a member creates a new post/reply.

I would also like to know if there is possible to limit posts/reply? If a member creates a new post/reply, he has to wait 30 seconds or so to create a new one.

Currently i am using KeyCaptcha and Registration Form Timer (wery usefull addons), however more and more bots are atempting to sign up to my website (they all have failed so far) and sooner or later a botter will manually bypass my current addons. So, an aditional security like a security question and a post limit will atleast hold off the massive spam some of them bots do when first registered.

Any suggestions? Thanks
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