XF 2.2 Another security question with primary / secondary

Hello, thought I understood how security worked, but struggling still.

My users generally have ‘registered’ as the primary group. In the secondary group, they may have ‘member’, ‘ex memeber’, and/or various other roles ( admin, moderator).

I have one node where we do not want guests to see, so i went to the permission, and gave unregistered a ‘No’ for viewing the node - with the rest of the permissions inheriting. That worked fine.

Then we decided to only allow members ( which we keep in secondary for registered users) to see the node. I tried a bunch of things, but could not get this to work. I suppose admins and moderators need access as well, but didn’t get there yet.

if I say ‘no’ on registered, and ‘yes’ on members, I assumed it would take the higher of the two ( since all of the members are registered), but it didn’t do that. It took the ‘no’ and didn’t allow these people to view the node.

can anyone tell me what I missed? thanks.
Use analyze permissions for that node to determine where the issue is. If you don't want admins/mods to access that node then select private node for that and only allow members permission to view and access that node.
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