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Not a bug search title should mean ONLY search title

Adam Howard

Well-known member
When I check that little box that reads, search title, it really should only search the titles and not the post / resource contents.

The check back does after all read, "Search titles only"

Adam Howard

Well-known member
How are you searching?

Best answer I can think of.... Odd / silly questions .... "How am I searching?" .... Using the search box, checking the box that reads, "search titles only" :rolleyes:

How do you search? :cautious: ...... Seriously, if there is a "secret" to searching....

Adam Howard

Well-known member
I'm not trying to debate anything. Just trying to get to the bottom of a bug that no one else can seemingly replicate.
Which one? The no results or all the incorrect / false positives?

There is 2 issues here.

Issue 1 -- False positives. For example, centOS install guide has nothing to do with "ads" and so doing a title search should not being that up.

Issue 2 - The no results found, when you know there is something to find.